Of Will and Pain

October 12, 2009

I am in pain.

My body aches from severe physical excercise this week.
Pain – on the one hand it is unpleasant,
on the other a welcome guarantor of achievement.

In the army they would define pain as follows:
“Pain is weakness leaving your body.”

If one truly has faith in this definition,
one would first endure and eventually defeat pain,
unlocking the limitless, true potential of their bodies with sheer will.
At least theoretically.

Personally I do not associate pain with weakness,
furthermore I see it as a catalyst for growth in character;
it remains an unpleasant necessity enabling us to evolve ourselves.

“No pain, no gain” is a valid statement in that context,
which however only applies if said pain is overcome through personal effort
and not by mere passive suffering.

Overcoming pain shapes and hones our will,
enabling us to venture far beyond what we deemed impossible to achieve before,
often much to our own amazement.

Will is clearly the most precious good man has.
Not only is it a motor empowering you to infinite possibilities – like Friedrich Nietzsche claims –
but it is a weapon which no one can strip you of, your strongest asset.

“The pen is mightier than the sword” they say,
but isnt it the will that guides both skillfully ?

About elections and other evils (German Election 2009)

September 27, 2009

Tomorrow the elections in Germany begin.

There is a lot of commotion going on in the main street.
Members of every political party are busy fishing out potential
votes amongst the bypassers, like fishermen trying their luck
on a river consisting entirely of people.
Their prey is rather stubborn, so simple worms wont do as bait:
They lure the people with flowerpots, flags and pencils,
all branded with the logo of the respective party.

It is noisy, yet there is a silent war going on in the streets:
Every morning I am witness to a torn poster on the asphalt,
a new poster of a rival party hanging in its old place.
Manipulation of the human mind is at its peak,
taking posession of every form of media available.

“Have faith in us.” one of the flyers on the ground tells me.
To be honest I lost my faith in politics long ago.

Politics are all about manipulation and deception nowadays:
It is astounding how much outrageous facts about politicians
are suddenly unearthed prior to an election, and so is the amount
of empty promises that are made on such a short notice,
only to disintegrate into disappointment a few days later.

All of the sudden, politicians show up in my university and preach
better conditions for students – where have they been
the last 2 years ?
I do not know the answer to that question,
nor do I know if they actually believe those students they adress
would be naive enough to fall for their rhetorical lullabies.

Its seems that – in theory – they have a solution ready to every existing problem:
health care, retirement, unemployment, even the world economy crisis
can be easily solved according to them.

The world economy crisis ?
I call it mere illusion, fabrication of banks and industrial giants.
Furthermore a scapegoat for companies that still make huge profit,
to fire personnel and to maximize their gains.

The term “world economy crisis” merely describes the stagnation of gains in profit.
Markets become more and more saturated and less profit is made
every year. Is to gain less to lose ?
According to what Adam Ries taught us it is not.

Incredibly keen speculations of those companies however,
delude themself with the annual expectation of much more money,
and if that goal is not met it is a crisis they talk of.

What is a crisis for someone like me ?
I guess your usual natural disaster, a great famine or something alike.
We just live in a different world, the buisness men and I.

The overly cruel truth is that the so-called “world economy” is solely
a “first world economy” which only booms when it can exploit the poor,
and feast on helpless third world countries,
so that the wealthy nations can live in mind-numbing luxury.

Rambling on about all this makes me feel dizzy.
Maybe I am just having a “private political crisis“.

But anyway:
Lets vote, shall we ?

Hello world!

September 27, 2009

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